As you know Blender is keyboard heavy application. There's always that shortcut, that I always forgot.. and too many to remember, so some fellows made keyboard cheatsheets, sheets, posters, etc., that I've found sometime and share here below, for myself and yours reference.

Blender version 4.0+ Infographic

Giudansky continuously updates blender keys infographic.
Link of Origin :

Image below is for version 4.0 +: click to zoom or download, or on his site you can get HQ vector version for print.

Blender Keys Infographics v4

Blender older versions Infographic

Image below is for versions 3.3+

Click to Download

Image below is for versions 2.9+


Image below is for versions 2.8+

Blender cheat

Blender cheat sheet for starters

The keys sheet with main and most used keys for starters and novices made by nachazo.

Link of Origin :

Keyboard layouts

This one is keyboard layout view, a bit older, but keys remain the same.


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