NPM package issues commands

npm WARN old lockfile

npm WARN old lockfile The package-lock.json file was created with an old version of npm

There are several ways to deal with this:

  1. Ignore it. It’s just a warning and does not affect the installation of modules.
  2. Run npm ci to make sure your node_modules reflects the lock file, then remove package-lock.json, and then run npm install (with the newer version of npm) to regenerate a package-lock.json. Because everything in node_modules will meet all the requirements, the only change from npm install will be a newly-generated package-lock.json file. Commit the updated version of package-lock.json to the repo/Docker image or whatever.
  3. Downgrade npm to an older version in production. Consider running npm version 6 as that is what ships with the current (as of this writing) LTS version of Node.js. In the case being asked about in this question, I imagine you can just leave out the RUN npm -g install npm@7.19.1 from the Dockerfile and instead use the version of npm that is installed with the Docker image (which in this case will almost certainly be npm@6 since that is what ships with Node.js 14.x).
  4. If you want to run one command with an older […]
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Top Blender tips

Here’s a list of top blender tips, videos and other usefull links.

CGBoost 100+ Tips to Boost Modeling in Blender

In this video, Zach shares over 100 modeling related tips for Blender.

Daniel Krafft 100 Tips

Daniel Krafft. His top 100 blender 2.8 tips.

and yet even more:

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Blender set your own 3D view background color

  • This tutorial is for Blender (free graphics program
  • This is beginner level tutorial.
  • Tested in version 2.8

Ever wondered how can you set your view background in Blender? Somehow  I prefer brighter background so I always change it. It’s personal I guess.

Well there’s easy to do that. Even in 3 places, wherever you prefer.

How to set your own Blender 3D view color

You can set view background by accessing view options in top right of blender interface:

There’s three different ways to set background color: theme, world or viewport.

Theme viewport color

This variant is good if you always want the same viewport color for every file you open in Blender, so it’s persistent. However you need to set this color in Blender’s preferences theme settings here:

choose „3DViewport“ and scroll down for „Theme space“, click on it:

look for „Gradient colors“, and click on „Gradient High/Off“ and set the […]

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