My ongoing list of awesome free resources, pictures, photos, textures sites and tools for artists, illustrators and so on.

Stock free photos and reference images

Free real photos, images (you should check individually on every image there for copyright info):

  4. AI generated images

Free resources for vector, svg and illustrations:


Artworks, wallpapers:

  1. HQ wallpapers for download:

Palettes and colors

Custom palettes for export/import in png or photoshop.


Color palette generators (from images) and color info, and more:

  2. Many color tools and more:
  3. Shades and tints by color generator:

Image tools

Background and cover generator

  1. Figen is a free online post cover and background generator tool –
  2. Photopea – free online image editor, can work with PSD, export to SVG :
  3. Not fully free (needs registration), but can be useful for covers, screenshot mockups, etc. :
  4. Pixelate any image or part of it, also many more tools:
  5. Another image mockup site, that has nice presets:

3D tools and textures

Public Domain Resources for Physically Based Rendering

Meshroom, free, open-source 3D Reconstruction Software based on the AliceVision framework:

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