Best WordPress sites and tools, theme and plugin listings according to my view. 👉🏼 This is an ongoing post about WordPress plugins, themes, views and news that I found interesting for later reuse or review. Intended to be updated regularly.

Awards and trends on WordPress tools

Best WordPress tools, addons, builders etc:

Plugins, assistants to choosing plugins

Good Plugin lists:

What plugin:

Interesting great plugins

  • Depicter is total slider builder with an impressive user interface. A super powerful builder from 0 with elegant animations. Has a free version.
  • Decent separate slider plugin. Very unique sliders. Has a free version.

Cheaper (or nulled) plugins sites

Use them at your own test. I do not recommend for production sites, good for testing out functionalities, but better buy original:

Themes and builders

This is very quickly changing field, as there is a lot of competition in this field. So choose according to your needs.

In general you should stick with WordPress “builder” of your choice and choose a theme that works with that builder. There are many builders coming every year. Native WordPress builder is called Guttenberg or Block builder, some great themes that work with native block WP builder:

  • Ollie theme : – you can create beautiful, customizable websites with a few click

Another very popular WordPress builder is Elementor (Free and Pro version available). Some very popular themes for Elementor builder (btw some of them also works with native WP block builder or Guttenberg):

Avada theme and Avada builder – oldie, but still great offering, many customization possibilities for designers. This site was built on Avada theme. May lack in compatibility flexibility between other builders and take care for speed in recent years though. But the price is very great.

Another very new popular speedy builder and theme – Bricks (built on Vue JS):

Another very recent popular builder Breakdance: and WPJohnny review of it:

Selected themes (free and freemium) lists:

Elementor builder and theme tools

Elementor is probably the most popular builder for WordPress atm.

Elementor builder plugins and tools

‘Elements’ and themes libraries

Some Elementor builder tutorials

Wordpress tools, helpers

Check plugin or theme vulnerabilities and security

Hacked or measures to secure your site


YouTube WordPress related channels

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