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    About me


    I'm a freelance illustrator, artist,
    web and app programmer
    and graphics designer.

    I create digital media (2D illustrations and 3D designs).
    I also design, create and build websites (and apps) for organizations, communities, groups, people movements and faith organizations, individuals and more.

    My general interests are in computer science, IT, digital arts and technology.

    Marius Žemaitis aka markoze

    I do works in:

    • Digital and pixel photo art

    Professional skills with digital photo manipulations. Matte and standard digital painting. I have many years of experience working in Adobe Photoshop and other photo manipulation apps.

    • 2D vector art, Logos, Illustrations

    Making scalable vector images, diagrams, illustration with Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and other tools.

    • 3D design concepts, 3D modeling

    3D models (modelling), visualizations, architecture and visual plans with Sketchup, Blender and other tools.

    • Website and User interface design and programming

    20 years of full website creation with either react, vue.js, node.js, mongo or MySQL, Firebase and similar tech. Professional building WordPress sites with custom themes from 0 to full solution. I also have working experience with Avada, Elementor, Bricks and Gutenberg builders.

    • Applications design and programming

    Native windows desktop and mobile applications design and programming. Web applications in Vue, Javascript or other web platforms.

    My spaces on the web

    Support my work on Patreon

    I post there some work in progress, backgrounds, sketches and more.

    I have my artwork shop at RedBubble

    RedBubble produces Big size artwork prints, posters, wearables, pins, t-shirts, and even masks, check it out:

    Youtube videos

    My youtube channel

    Github profile

    My github projects

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    Your donations will help to continue my works. Thank you!

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