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digital artist, web and application developer

Markoze is skilled digital artist, logo designer, illustrator, web designer and developer.

With expertise in both 2D-3D graphical design, Markoze creates captivating visual digital works.

With both graphical and development range of skills I do full web design and development, hosting, eye-catching logo or branding design, visual artworks and illustrations, maps.

Whether you’re looking for a talented artist to create illustrations, logos, or web projects, or more.. bring your vision to life. I can DO it for you and I do care about the quality of work I do.

Get in contact to bring your vision or project to the next level.


I make vector digital art, painted illustrations as well as sharp and detailed logo designs. Each work is a unique expression of creativity and technical skill, with incredible attention to detail and mastery of color and texture.

Logo design

My Logos are uniquely crisp sharp, detailed, and ready for use in any format, whether it’s on a website or in a printed media.

Websites and applications

Websites design from start to finish, offering a range of options that include everything from one-page sites to full commercial sites.

Whether you need a custom website or prefer to use the WordPress engine, Markoze has the expertise.

Each website is carefully designed to ensure it meets your unique needs and is optimized for user experience.

Minimalist approach to plugins, carefully choosing only those that are essential to the site’s functionality and security.

Whether you’re looking to create a new website or update an existing one, contact me to start your project today.


Illustrations and artwork

Logo Designs

Every logo created is first hand-drawn and then carefully recreated as a digital vector image that can be used across various media types, including on-screen and in physical print. This process ensures that the logos are sharp, detailed, and ready for use in any format, whether it’s on a website or in a printed brochure. Attention to detail and artistic skill shine through in each logo, creating a unique and eye-catching design that perfectly represents your brand. Explore the portfolio to see examples of logos and get in touch to create a custom logo for your business or project.

3D Concepts

Recent videos


Blender set your own 3D view background color

This tutorial is for Blender (free graphics program This is beginner level tutorial. Tested in version 2.8 Ever wondered how can you set your view background in Blender? Somehow  I prefer brighter background so I always change it. It's personal I guess. Well there's easy to do that. Even in 3 places, wherever you prefer. [read more..]

Inkscape keyboard shortcodes or cheatsheet

Another very useful keyboard cheat sheet for Inkscape, to speed up you workflow. Made by Rizky Djati Munggaran. Found on: Update: Official Keys Listing Official documentation on Inkscape keys and shortcuts:

Blender keyboard shortcuts or cheatsheet

As you know Blender is keyboard heavy application. There's always that shortcut, that I always forgot.. and too many to remember, so some fellows made keyboard cheatsheets, sheets, posters, etc., that I've found sometime and share here below, for myself and yours reference. Blender Infographic This guy continuously updates blender keys infographic. Link of Origin : Image below [read more..]

Better free text to speech voices on older “Windows”

Text-to-Speech (TTS) refers to the ability of computers to read text aloud (speech synthesis). A TTS Engine converts written text to a phonemic representation, then converts the phonemic representation to waveforms that can be output as sound. Windows desktop systems can use SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 components to support speech synthesis and speech recognition. Windows XP has a English voice engine called [read more..]

Assorted posts from blog

Truths every employer needs to know

12 brutal truths every employer needs to read: When your best people leave, it's not them. It's you. You don't have a remote work issue. You have trust issues. Management that can't handle feedback won't survive change. If your actions don't align with your values, your employees won't trust you. Your diversity program is hollow if your leadership team all looks the same. [read more..]

Can WordPress be used for Intranet websites

Can WordPress be used for Intranet websites Wordpress is very popular CMS for making websites, but WordPress in its core default functionality is not suitable for creating an intranet so how well does WordPress perform as an intranet? Let's check. Your intranet website would probably need such features or sections: Login and manage users roles for private use only. Collaboration tools, like chat [read more..]

Free resources for artists

My ongoing list of awesome free resources, pictures, photos, textures sites and tools for artists, illustrators and so on. Stock free photos and reference images Free real photos, images (you should check individually on every image there for copyright info): Free resources for vector, svg and illustrations:, Artworks, wallpapers: HQ wallpapers for download: [read more..]

Best WordPress sites and tools

Best Wordpress sites and tools, theme and plugin listings according to my view. 👉🏼 This is an ongoing post about WordPress plugins, themes, views and news that I found interesting for later reuse or review. Intended to be updated regularly. Awards on wordpress tools Best Wordpress tools, addons, builders etc: Plugins, assistants [read more..]

Using emojis and symbols in webpages, chat

Colorful Emojis or emoticons for webpages Using emojis (icons) 🌁 and symbols in webpages 🌍, chat 👪 can give charm and emotions. Just be careful to not overuse them all over. Emojis lists Official full list of emojis in html codes can be found here: 🔗 Another list with grouping and more info: 🔗 How to use them Mostly and [read more..]

Useful tools for web designers

Gradients and colors This site gives you awesome controls for creative nice background css gradients: Gradients in text headers Color palette generators (from images) and color info, and more: Many color tools (5 color compare) and more: Icons All open icons collected here: Accessibility checking tools Accessibility [read more..]

NPM package issues commands

npm WARN old lockfile npm WARN old lockfile The package-lock.json file was created with an old version of npm There are several ways to deal with this: Ignore it. It's just a warning and does not affect the installation of modules. Run npm ci to make sure your node_modules reflects the lock file, then remove package-lock.json, and then run npm install (with the newer version of npm) to regenerate a package-lock.json. Because [read more..]

Printed artworks and merchandise

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