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Marius Žemaitis a.k.a.

digital artist, web and application developer

With expertise in both 2D-3D graphical design, digital arts and web development skills I do full website’s design and development works:

  • eye-catching logo or branding design,
  • visual artworks and illustrations, maps,
  • full website development, testing, speed optimizations, SEO and more.
  • server prepare and hosting,

I create and update illustrations, logos, web projects and more – bring your vision to life with me. My works are professional, simple, aesthetical and quality functional.

Get in contact to bring your vision or project to the next level.

Artwork and Graphics

  • vector digital art,
  • painted illustrations,
  • 3d models and concepts.

Each work is a unique expression of creativity and technical skill, with incredible attention to detail and mastery of color and texture.

Logo and branding design

My Logos are uniquely crisp sharp, detailed, and ready for use in any media format, printed or digital.

Websites and applications

Website design and development from start to finish, offering a range of options that include everything from one-page to full sites.

Whether you need a custom website or prefer to use the WordPress engine.

Each website is carefully designed to meet your unique needs, optimized for user experience.

Minimalist approach to plugins, carefully choosing essential to make the site functional, speedy and secure.

Contact me to start your project today.


I work with favorite professional tools

Wordpress CMS

Wordpress and plugins

60% of the sites built on Wordpress CMS

Wordpress builder


The best visual content builder for Wordpress.
Content Management System of the Year 2023 (by w3tech)



The best website hosting platform.

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Fastest web builder

Best with Elementor

Digital pixel manipulation

3D Graphics


The best multi dimensional tool

I create Illustrations and artworks

My artwork is meticulously sketched and crafted digitally by hand.

I specialize in creating digital paintings and photo paintings utilizing advanced tools such as Photoshop and Rebelle Pro.

Additionally, I excel in producing vector graphics, illustrations, maps, and infographics,
predominantly using industry-standard software like Inkscape and Illustrator. My recent artworks:

I make Logo Designs

Every logo created is first hand-drawn and then carefully recreated as a digital vector image.
My vector logos are sharp, detailed, and ready for use in any format, whether it’s on a website or in a printed media.

I create a custom logo for your business or project with attention to details, brand and emotion.

Best selling ArtworksPromotionsPrintsPaintings

My 3D Concepts and works

Recent videos

Tutorials and tips for design, art and website building

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Printed artworks and merchandise

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