Inkscape keyboard shortcodes or cheatsheet

Another very useful keyboard cheat sheet for Inkscape, to speed up you workflow. Made by Rizky Djati Munggaran.

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How to achieve sharp offset in Inkscape

  • This tutorial is for Inkcape (free vector program
  • This is advanced level tutorial: you need to know what is Inkscape, how to create and manipulate objects, paths, fill and stroke.
  • Tested in version 0.92

Problem: there are some offset tools in inkscape ( But they produce some kind of rounded and deformed paths in result. For example:

If you need sharp and exacts offset like in other drawing or CAD programs, you can achieve this in Inkscape also, but this needs more steps.

Solution: I found some workaround to this „feature“ to achieve exact path offset is through duplicating the object, then playing with its stroke parameters, and later converting stroke to path.

Step 1. Make a duplicate of your original object (that is already a path object).

Step 2. Make a stroke of desired width, and remove fill of object. You can again make another duplicate of the same path and adjust its […]

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