Inkscape keyboard shortcodes or cheatsheet

Another very useful keyboard cheat sheet for Inkscape, to speed up you workflow. Made by Rizky Djati Munggaran.

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How to achieve sharp offset in Inkscape

  • This tutorial is for Inkcape (free vector program
  • This is advanced level tutorial: you need to know what is Inkscape, how to create and manipulate objects, paths, fill and stroke.
  • Tested in version 0.92

2020.05.01 Important update.

Inkscape version 1.0 has been released. This version has received major updates to program. One of the new features added is new Live Path Effects dialog and new effects, one of these is the great „Offset“ effect.

Below you will find an updated instruction for versions up from 1.0 and older instruction for versions below 1.0.

Sharp offset for Inkscape 1.0 and above

inkscape Live Path effects inkscape Live Path effects

  1. Select desired path to change
  2. Go menu „Path -> Path Effects…“ or press Ctrl+&
  3. Click [+] button in „Path effects“ panel

4. Select „Offset“ effect […]

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