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Projects in progress

Spaceship “Hopper” part 2 (v1.5)

Since I was not happy with the model from part 1 (v 1.0), I planned and redesigned legs, made various adjustments, changes. I also wanted to improve on front window frame, made some testings with paint-overs. So I started remodeling it, made some design info schemes, renders. Standing position. In liquids. Various design info schemes. Some renders Concept video Still will continue to improve top part, redesign wings.

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Spaceship “Hopper” part 1

I was inspired by this Feng Zhu sketch of the grasshopper. I find it bit mechanical, and I like the form of it. I wanted to go a bit further and to create a very detailed spaceship or more mechanical thing. So I started modeling it in Sketchup. Start Main body Folding "wings" Expanding and rotating "leg" More details on front Front entrance Insides, 3 floors More details on front Turret on head... Other "leg", more details View from far [...]

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